A Decade of Strong Results in Every Category!

Childe Hassam,

Childe Hassam, "The East Hampton Elms in May." SOLD FOR $288,000

Louis Remy Mignot,

Louis Remy Mignot, "Travelers in a Tropical Landscape," SOLD FOR $516,000

Edward Moran,

Edward Moran, "Summer Morning, New York Bat," SOLD FOR $300,000

Le Pho,

Le Pho, "le The," (Tea Time), SOLD FOR $100,000

Franz Richard Unterberger,

Franz Richard Unterberger, "Canal in Venice," SOLD FOR $180,000

Roy Lichtenstein,

Roy Lichtenstein, "Reverie," 1965, SOLD FOR $120,000

Adolph Gottlieb, "Untitled #30," SOLD FOR $162,000

Percival Rosseau, Pointers on the Hunt, SOLD FOR $100,000

Dale Nichols, "Mid-Nation Winter," SOLD FOR $120,000

Cyrus Dallin, "Appeal to the Great Spirit," SOLD FOR $84,000

John F. Peto, Self-Portrait with Rack Picture, SOLD FOR $156,000

Severin Roesen, Still Life with Fruit and Champagne, SOLD FOR $60,000